Basement Waterproofing In Denver

Your system will be custom tailored to permanently fix your problem by our experienced system designers.

Our unique products include:

  • A shallow depth interior drain system—Water Trek Aqua Route™
  • Water Grabber™ Sump Liner, and Bull Dog™ pump
  • Battery Backup systems
  • Crawl Space Encapsulation
  • Dehumidification
  • Seal wall cracks using hydrophobic membrane over polyurethane injection
  • Carbon fiber wall stitching

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Blue Sky Basement Solutions is a division of Blue Sky Remodeling, in business since 2007.

Our extensive construction and engineering experience is now paired with the industry leader in basement waterproofing. You can trust your home or business to us!

Basement Waterproofing

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Custom Guaranteed Waterproofing Solutions

We respond quickly to develop the right solution to permanently fix your problem.

We guarantee peace of mind and a dry basement!

Why We Waterproof

In the past we had to refer our clients to other companies with consistently mixed results. We felt we could do it better.

We are proud to pair our extensive industry and engineering experience with Busy Dog Basement Technologies as our product of choice. We are now a licensed vendor and installer.

We can guarantee your basement will be dry forever.

One On One There Is No Comparison...

Busy Dog Basement Technologies has almost 30 years of patented unique designs that address all aspects of basement waterproofing. As the industry leader, they have installed hundreds of thousands of custom systems.

Integrating this system into our business has ensured our clients’ peace of mind.

Ours Versus Traditional Systems … Ours is Better.

Experts agree that the most effective basement waterproofing method is an interior subfloor system.

The Water Trek Aqua Route® is the best product available. Our system is engineered with 2 unique optional depth track solutions with 5 possible cove bases.

This address all 6 possible footing/wall configurations. The Sump liner comes with a top of the line pump manufactured just for us.

You can be rest assured that your basement stays dry forever. Guaranteed.

The system typically starts with a full perimeter sub-floor track system.

The patented Water Grabber® liner and Bull Dog™ pump discharges through the top of the liner. It can also have a side discharge which conceals it into a finished wall. It can go right into a finished room!

The sump that doesn't look like a sump!

Wall Cracks

We can repair wall cracks that let in water and structural damage to walls. Other types of injections are only successful for the short term.

Our Techni-Crack™ product uses a water activated polyurethane foam with a low pressure injection process, covered by a patent pending hydrophobic membrane that ties into a drywell or into our Water Trek Aqua Route® system.

Crawl Spaces

Crawl spaces become breeding grounds for mold and pests if the proper steps are not taken to keep water and humidity out. Structural issues will occur over time.

Installing our systems can turn a crawl space nightmare into a clean, dry, safe environment. It protects your home, and most importantly, your family.

Our solution can create an airtight fit, and is compatible with Radon systems.


The final step in a full system should include dehumidification and conditioning.

Dehumidification is achieved by moving air and evacuating it to the outside, creating a negative air pressure in the basement or crawl space. Conditioning is adding air supply from the home’s mechanical system to heat and cool the crawl space air with the rest of the living areas.

A study done by the DOE actually proves that this can

save up to 20% on energy costs each year!