Blue Sky Remodeling Infectious Disease Preparedness and Response Plan

March 17, 2020

We are closely monitoring the COVID-19 situation as it develops and as it relates to our operations. We are working to ensure that we are following the protocols established by various health organizations, federal and state. To guide employees and subcontractors in how to keep themselves and our customers safe and healthy, Blue Sky Remodeling has developed these guidelines for operations during this time. We would also like to thank our customers at this time for continuing to support our small business.

General Guidelines

  1. Blue Sky Remodeling employees all work from home on a regular basis, but most travel to residential job sites to supervise construction in finished and unfinished homes. Most days, there are only 2 subcontractors working at the same time on a project which greatly reduces the risk of people coming in contact with each other. However, during this time, we ask that employees limit their face to face meetings with customers and subcontractors. Most communication can be conducted over the phone, text or email. FaceTime and Skype are also alternatives if the homeowner wants to see progress or discuss construction details with their project manager. If a question arises and requires the project manager and customer or subcontractor to be looking at the same details in person, we ask that they practice staying 6' apart.
  2. Meetings conducted face to face at outside jobsites provide a safer environment for maintaining distance as well as ventilation and should not be affected as long as the practice of staying 6' apart is respected.
  3. Most building products are delivered which greatly reduces contact with vendors and store workers.
  4. We ask our employees and subcontractors to carry hand-sanitizer, cleansing wipes, tissues and trash bags for disposal. Blue Sky employees should purchase these items with the company credit card. Employees should also wear work gloves on jobsites and can return home to wash hands. We realize this may reduce the number of stops an employee may be able to make in a day if they need to return home.
  5. Employees should not share phones, tools or any other equipment.

Procedures for Prompt Identification and Isolation of Sick People

  1. All Blue Sky employees and subcontractors need to self-monitor themselves for symptoms which include fever, body aches, cough and shortness of breath. If a Blue Sky employee feels sick or someone in their family is sick, they must stay home and let their supervisor know immediately. The Blue Sky sick pay policy is in place and the company will follow all regulations from the federal government regarding sick pay during this time.
  2. If a subcontractor has an employee that is sick or has a family member that is sick, they are not allowed at a Blue Sky jobsite.

Construction Delays

  1. Employees will communicate with customers and subcontractors via email, phone, text and online scheduling if any construction delays arise. Communication will be daily and will happen as soon as an employee has identified a source of a delay. Delays may include sick subcontractors, closed building departments, and delays in supply chain materials to name a few.