Crawl Space to Finished Basement Conversions

1k bConverting your crawl space into a finished basement can add significant new livable space into your home. Unlike basement finishing in a newer home, or a home that has an unfinished basement, the steps in digging out a crawl space and ending with a completed basement are more complex. In the world of remodeling, there are certain types of projects that we believe you should not trust to a company that isn't experienced in that type of area.


Converting a crawl space into a finished basement is no easy task. A company who has not gone through the process and successfully completed one or two basement dig outs may not be the right choice, no matter how much other experience they have.

As you can hear in the interview about crawl space to basement conversions with our Vice President, Jeff Caesar, on our site, the process is longer because it can take more permits, and often requires plumbing and electrical replacement in the home as well as a new staircase. The truth is, finishing the actual basement is the easy part. We have finished literally hundreds and hundreds of basements in the Denver area, and currently, start or finish three or four new ones every month.

crawl space 1Timing

Converting your crawl space into a basement usually takes about seven months from our first appointment to finishing your project (depending on the city you are in). Much of this time is in the permit process. The actual dig out depending on the size of your crawl space can be 30 to 60 days. After that's finished the project will proceed just like a normal basement finishing project, and that time frame can be 7 to 10 weeks depending on the size.

Cost of a crawl space to basement conversion

Converting a crawl space to a basement is also more expensive than some people expect. It has nothing to do with additional profits or gross margins. It's simply the fact that converting a crawl space is very labor-intensive, and has more steps and processes than most remodeling projects.

Costs of converting your crawl space to a finished basement

Be prepared to see pricing for full dig out and basement finishing of 800 to 1000 square feet or around $150,000 or more. Obviously, this amount does not apply to a simple dig out. The best way to get an idea of the cost for your project is to call us at 303 500-3103 ext 1 to discuss the specifics of your crawl space project and set a free in home estimate if you like.

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